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Plot of 15 hectares – photovoltaic park

Sale price

260.000 €

Ref: 2982
  • 170000 m2

***IDEAL renewable energies -photovoltaic park***

The photovoltaic park activity is compatible with the current planning. It must be processed in accordance with article 48 or 48bis (power greater than 100KW) of DL 1/2010.

It is noted, that in case of approval of the Advance of Punctual Modification of the specific Regulation of La Granadella, of the Urban Planning Regulations – Ponent Municipalities, for the regulation of renewable energies in non-urbanizable land:

-The photovoltaic park will only be compatible, according to the notes set out in the considerations section.

The farm consists of 15 hectares located in the term of Granadella, heading “Font”. It is currently dedicated to almond trees, olive trees, cereals and forest.

It has a rustic house of 518 useful square meters divided into three parts. The first part is the original part, the second part is where the new construction is located and the third part consists of a gulf adjacent to the main house.

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Property Features

  • Electrical Supply
  • Gas Connection
  • Water Connection


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