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Exclusive plot for sale on the seafront in Montgat

Sale price

320.000 €

Ref: 6623
  • 114 m2

Exclusive sale of a 114 square meter plot in Montgat, located in front of the sea, offers a privileged location for the construction of a house or two apartments of 100 square meters each. Here’s an overview of the possibilities:

Option 1: Construction of a 200 square meter house on the plot:

This option allows you to design and build a 200 square meter detached house on the plot.

With a plot of 114 square meters, you would have to use the space efficiently to build a house with two or more floors.

The beachfront location offers panoramic views and a relaxing atmosphere.

You can design a house with several rooms, living areas, kitchen, bathrooms and outdoor space, such as a garden or terrace, to enjoy the maritime environment.

Option 2: Construction of two floors of 100 square meters each on the plot:

This option involves dividing the plot in two and building two apartments of 100 square meters each.

Each floor could be a separate living unit with its own entrance.

This is ideal if you are interested in renting one of the units or if you want to have two separate living spaces for different purposes.

Both floors can enjoy sea views and proximity to the beach.

In both cases, it is important to consider local zoning and building regulations, as well as obtain the necessary permits before beginning any construction project. Additionally, choosing between a single large home or two smaller units will depend on your personal needs and preferences.

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Property Features

  • Fence
  • Electrical Supply
  • Gas Connection
  • Water Connection
  • Phone Connection
  • Disabled facilities
  • Sea Views

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